The Project

The Dementia Dynamics Toolkit is a resource for addressing responsive behaviours that was provided to all Australian residential aged care facilities in 2014.

man in gardenDementia is a national health priority in Australia and globally. Even if there are advances in treatment, dementia care will still be core business in residential aged care for many years to come. Feedback from people working in Australian residential aged care facilities consistently nominated dealing with responsive behaviour associated with dementia as one of the most challenging things in their everyday care work. Addressing responsive behaviour is therefore a major focus of all the components in this toolkit.

The original aim of the Dementia Dynamics Toolkit was to assist Australian residential aged care staff to deliver person-centred high quality dementia care through to the end of life. The resource has now been made freely available via this website to anyone interested in best practice dementia care within Australia and internationally. There is a range of information about dementia, dementia care and dementia services available to the public on this website.

If you would like to access the toolkit, you can register and login for information and support that will help you get the most out of the toolkit.