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Australian Services & Information

My Aged Care

The My Aged Care website is a gateway that is part of the Australian Government's changes to the aged care system, which have been designed to give people more choice, more control and easier access to a full range of aged care services. It has a range of information about aged care and specific information on dementia. A telephone service is also available.

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services

The Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS) program provides clinical support for people caring for someone with dementia who demonstrates responsive behaviour which impacts on their care. There are some excellent resources available on this website and there is a national toll free number to call if you need advice about the behaviours express by a person with dementia for whom you are caring.

Caresearch Residential Aged Care Hub

CareSearch is an online resource designed to help those needing relevant and trustworthy information and resources about palliative care. The recent edition of the Residential Aged Care Hub provides direct information may be of particular interest for those working in long term care or those who have relatives with dementia in long term care.

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has a significant number of publications with information and statistics specific to dementia.

International Resources

The Social Care Institute for Excellence – Dementia Gateway

The Social Care Institute for Excellence in the UK has a ‘Dementia Gateway’ that provides a range of information for anyone who wants to understand dementia better. The Dementia Gateway is just that - it's a gateway to an enormous range of helpful resources: written information, films, activities, e-learning and so much more. It's been developed by a wide range of experts in dementia - including people living with dementia and family carers